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Spring Videos

Tomorrow is June 1, 2012 and we’ve already enjoyed some summer like weather. These are a few videos of the farm. You can see the dramatic changes in Gus and Jackson. You can see they love each other like siblings and often fight like siblings too.

I hope you enjoy… and keep in mind as you watch that we’ll be transforming the pond into something more landscaped in the next few weeks. Our newest project.

Taz and Jackson: Big Bear Fighting May 2012

Testing to make sure that Taz’s Licker isn’t broken.

In early March we had a warm snap that brought all the gold fish to the surface of the pond. You can see it hasn’t gotten green yet and Gus still has all his fur!

This farm has gone to the dogs! Several visitors come to enjoy the fresh green grass, ample shade and big pond. Cameo by Stewie and Madeline. Excellent shot of Gus and his new found contentment.

Stewie (Billy’s Dog) spends nearly thirty minutes trying to pull a water logged – log out of the pond. Billy ended up pulling it out the last 2 feet, but he gave it his best shot!

Glad to be back in the saddle writing again, but it really in time to get back in the saddle!


My own Dog Park

There was a heavy dark cloud of grief hanging over the farm after Gizmo died and the farm was very quiet and sad. Having only two dogs in the house made it very very quiet.

Taz and Poco are two of the easiest dogs to look after. They will free feed, so never wake me up for breakfast or dinner. They can use the dog door, so I never have to take them outside. They are both completely house broken. Neither require walks, although they do enjoy investigating new places. Except for the occasional cat patrol barking from Taz it was quiet.

Jackson arrived at the farm on Canadian Thanksgiving and he needed care. He’s still getting the hang of housebreaking and has to be taken out regularly even though he can work the dog door. He does free feed, but loves to eat and will wake me up in the morning for breakfast. The stairs seem so big and elusive, so Jax will sit at the bottom and bark to go to bed or at the top and bark to come down. He needs to be cuddle and loved. He needs reassurance and attention.

A few weeks later Simba came for an extended stay. A big dog with big dog mess and big dog fun. Simba is completely house broken and will free feed. He’ll sleep, but does get restless and wants to play in the early morning. He manages to squeeze out the dog door and needs a good walk everyday to prevent general craziness.

A week after Simba came to visit the CCRT called and asked if we could foster Pepito. He’s a chihuahua / italian greyhound cross who is an easy keeper. He will free feed and loves to sleep all day long. He has the hang of the dog door, but was only neutered a week ago, so he still marks. Luckily, he only marks in the back porch and not the house anymore.

From two to five in a month. I’ve got my own dog park and race track.

After a long day of racing around the farm we end with a nice dinner. Every few weeks Brent and I make dog food. It’s chicken and vegetables done in the crock pot and we then put it through a food processor and mush it up a bit. We were using a new food processor and ended up with chicken bits all over the counter. What better way to clean up then to let the dogs do it?

Don’t worry we cleaned everything with extra vinegar. Maybe you want to pick up a pizza and wings if you’re on your way to the farm for dinner?? It’s not a place for the squeamish.