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Kicks for the Ford

Do you know what scrubbing is in terms of truck tires? The term was thrown around my house between several men as I stood in the kitchen making eggs. I knew scrubbing a pot or the toilet or the floor, but not on tires. I felt so out of touch as they discussed what would happen to the truck, like she wasn’t mine.

It turns out my big one ton Ford dually was scrubbing front tires. She needed a front end alignment and new tires. Too much scrubbing it seems. The sheer size of my truck makes it impossible to take it to just any garage for an alignment. A heavy equipment lift is only one of the requirements. I can hear the dollars adding up as we go on our search for truck tires.

After two days of internet and phone calls Brent declares he’s found the best deal and we do a little road trip for new fronts and an alignment at a popular heavy duty truck shop. As we pull up I notice the garage has ten bays and nearly every one of them is full. The place is rocking.

Little did I realize that there’s a secondary garage down the road strictly for alignments with six bays of it’s own. We’re told it’s going to be over an hour, so Brent and I start walking towards the local Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and a treat.

We talk about all sorts of dreams and plans. We have so many ideas that sometimes we get lost in our ideas and they morph into crazy thoughts that become unachievable. I love these talks.

We spend an hour in a coffee shop on the edge of the bad part of Buffalo eating peanut donuts, because you can’t get peanut donuts in Canada anymore, talking and spending the day together. I like that we can find time for each other in the middle of waiting for truck tires.

We get a phone call while waiting saying that we need a tie rod as well and do we want them to go ahead and do the work? Another couple hundred dollars. We decide to get it done and suddenly we have another half an hour of each other’s company. It might have cost us, but it’s worth it.

We walk back to the garage and pick up the truck with fresh tires, tie rod and an alignment. Instantly, we can feel the truck is happier. It’s driving straighter and not scrubbing tires anymore.

Kicks for the Ford became a pretty good day.