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Farm – October 2011.

There was a beautiful day at the beginning of October and all my animals were in a less than one acre paddock together. Two pigs, two ducks, two goats and one horse all pleasantly sharing a small space. They all got along. They were happy together and it made me smile. This is when I first saw a picture of Jax.

There are so many articles stating you can’t house pigs with anything, especially horses. If all these different animals can get along… why can’t we? Watching all the struggles of the human world I wonder how these guys can make it work, but the rest of the world can’t manage to find a peaceful solution?

There was a brief adjustment period when I brought Jax home, but after a few growls and some chasing within a day they had it worked out. Jax is the baby, while Taz and Poco are more mature and own all the toys. However, they let Jax play with the toys anytime he wants and he often takes the toys right out of their mouth. Okay… maybe the toys belong to the baby too.

I managed to capture this moment on video. I am delighted with my four legged family.