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Brian & Ellen’s Wedding Speech

Brent and Amy’s Wedding Reception—September 18, 2010
I keep thinking of a Psalm, “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”. And we are so glad that Brent and Amy are now husband and wife. It seemed a long time until they found each other. Suddenly, with the wedding scheduled, time has flown. Brent used to say it was a long interview process to find the right mate for life.
We have heard several stories about how they met. I don’t know how much truth is in them. You’ll have to ask them about that. I do know that three years ago, on September 4th, we left for a trip to Ireland. Brent drove Brian and me to the Toronto airport. We left realizing his previous relationship was broken. We returned one month later, on October 4th, and soon met Amy. We heard she and some of her friends had wanted to rent a cottage during the time we were gone. We heard Amy came to the cottage but her friends were unable to come with her. It seems that was the beginning. One story was that Amy, who is fiercely afraid of spiders, saw one or two spiders in her cottage. Her method of exterminating spiders was to throw shoes at them. However, being on vacation, she didn’t have a full arsenal of shoes to throw, so after throwing a few shoes and still having spiders around, she yelled for Brent to come help her.
Another story we heard was that Amy drove in, saw Brent in the barn, and told him she had a warm six pack of beer. Would he be able to swap it out for a cold six pack?
Then there was the quiet time when Amy was writing in her journal and Brent saw her and started to talk with her about her writing. Both were English majors in university and both enjoy writing. That was a good start. At least they had something in common.
However they actually started to know each other, they found a lot of commonality in their lives. As I said, both were English majors. Brent is on ski patrol and knows first aid and Amy is a paramedic, so there is another common trait. Both like to ski and snowboard. Amy is fearless in high places and Brent was happy to have extra hands with the roof on his barn. They both love the beach as do the dogs.
Apparently both Brent and Amy had said they did not want any permanent relationships at that point in their lives and yet love bloomed as time progressed. It is apparent when you are with them that they are well-suited to each other. Their words bounce back and forth. They are kind and understanding of one another’s feelings. Everything they exhibit points to a marriage made in God’s eyes and we are thrilled they have found each other. We welcome Amy into our family as her family has welcomed us. The pups, Taz, Gizmo and Poco, are now our grandpuppies and we look forward to a long life for all, filled with happiness and good health. Cheers to a wonderful and happy future together.