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Amy’s Wedding Speech

Moms Tribute
There are moments, years after my mom died, when her absence is strongly felt. I’ve stood countless times in the kitchen at the farm with the music playing and remembered kitchen dancing. We’d come home from school and mom would have the music cranked as she made dinner. The instant we walked in the door, she’d grab us we’d do her rendition of swing dancing, but slower… we called it kitchen dancing. Brent and I continue this tradition and kitchen dance on a regular bases.
Today, I have waves of emotion as I stare at the empty space that should be filled by the mother of the bride. My sister and I have had each other to help us through the tough moments. Lisa and I make a point of visiting mom twice a year. The day she was born and the day she died. We take a bottle of wine, in the middle of the afternoon, sit in the cemetery and tell stories and toast our mom – both the good and the bad. So, if you see two girls sitting in the middle of the cemetery with a bottle of wine on a Tuesday – it’s just us.
Lisa and I would like you all to join us in a toast to our mom. She loved a good party and as we raise a glass let’s make her proud tonight in celebrating our wedding!
Dads Tribute
Now, I’d like to take the opportunity to tell you how I really feel about my dad.
When I was 13 my Dad knew nothing.
When I was 16 my Dad not only knew nothing, but he was wrong.
It wasn’t until I was into my twenties that I realized he was right – about everything.
My dad is always helping people. He taught us it was more important to help others than help yourself. I know the man I married today believes in helping others with the same passion as my dad.
Dad taught me about generosity and kindness. He taught me the importance of family and friends. He taught me that the only way to really enjoy a beer was to put in an honest days work.
I was 18 when he told me to make my own decision, but he’d wait until after I made my decision – that I chose wrong. “Way to go Stupid” was a phase saved for those truly unmistakable mistakes that kids make.
He’s a big man. A strong man. I’ve been saying that as soon as he turns 70 I’m going to kick his ass. He turned 70 last march and I’m still waiting.
My dad and I have a common interest through Emergency Services. He’s a retired volunteer fire chief and I’m a paramedic. One night after several bottles of butterfly wine I was trying to explain the importance of the defib and he was telling me it was all about CPR. I argued, as a new paramedic would, about technology and he stayed with old fashion chest compressions.
Fifteen years later… after much research from within the medical community… I hate to tell him that he’s right again.
I love you dad and I’m glad I got to say this all while you still sitting upright.
Brian and Ellen
The first time I had dinner at the Lindhursts I was a little nervous. As we sat down on the back deck with the sun setting into the lake I was relieved to see they had two bottles of wine on the table and the clear liquid in their pre-dinner drinks glasses was not water.
We ate under the stars and talked for hours. I knew these were my people when the third and forth bottles of wine where set on the table. I knew right then that I had to find a way to join this family.
Thank you for making me feel welcome and thank you for all your kindness and support.
Thank You Toast
What can I say about my new partner in crime? He has the most wonderful ideas. Building these picnic tables was a memorable experience as was renovating the farm, working on the cottages and building his barn out back. I often forget that not every girl can swing a hammer, lay tile, mix concrete and has her own table saw (that both dad and brent borrow).
We like helping people and we like helping each other. Brent is generous and kind. He’s loving and romantic. He’s funny, often late and sometimes frustrating. I’m glad I’m on this adventure with my best friend.
This beautiful beach wedding was Brent’s idea. He did most of the planning, getting, gathering and work. He was so excited and his excitement was contagious. I’m thrilled to be standing next to this man, holding his hand and I can’t wait to hear about his next idea.
This wedding has not been about just one day. It’s been a collaborative effort of so many people over months of planning. It was a great excuse to spend time with friends. I have wonderful memories of building picnic tables, putting up the tent and setting up. Chuck and Jill worked so hard on the lighting and Billy swinging a sledge like a princess was incredibly entertaining. My dad got the tractor stuck right over there…
the flowers are incredible – Thanks to my sister Lisa and her shop Shirley Ann’s Flowers for adding the icing to the cake. Shirley Ann’s Flowers can be found at 336 Central Ave in Fort Erie…. I’m sure she’ll give you a discount.
Thanks to my cousin Miranda who made the wedding cake and we only spoke on the phone once.
Finally, we’d like to thank you all for coming to the beach and joining us in celebrating our wedding.
We’d like to thank our wedding Party: Lisa & Robbie, Jill & Chuck, Billy & Jess, Maggie, Erin & Kate and our silent bride’s maid Jenn who travelled from Alberta to be here today… and who could forget our puppies: Taz, Gizmo and Poco. – these puppies keep me sane and bring so much joy. I can’t wait to see the pictures!
We’d like to thank Pastor Tom, HR and Katrina for doing a wonderful job.
Thanks to my new husband for creating a beautiful day fit for a princess. I love you.