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We Booked it! 2012

We planned ahead! Woohoo! We booked our Florida digs for next year already and it’s aweseome. It took us three years to get it all figured out, but once we did … what a deal!

The secret to a cheap Florida Vacation: State Parks. Twenty-two dollars a night. USD.

State Parks are beautifully maintained, huge and spacious. They’re also booked eleven months to the day and the hour in advance. On the first day of the eleventh month you must be on the internet before eight am. You must know which park you want to stay at and which site. You must research which site is available. At 0759 you must start clicking the “book now” button and do so until 0801. You may get the spot or you may not depending on who else is clicking on the button at the same time as you.

Next year we have two weeks booked at the Collier-Seminole State Park near Naples Florida. You can only spend a maximum of two weeks at any one state park. We are so excited.

One of the things that disappointed us about the Florida Keys was the lack of hiking, which is not really surprising given the lack of land. Next year we wanted to stay in a place that had our three favorite thing: hiking, biking and kayaking. Collier-Seminole has all these things on a 7000 acre park that backs onto the everglades.

Maybe we’ll stay mid-state for a few days on our way out. I hear central Florida is amazing for trees, oranges and cattle. I know… cattle. Who knew?