Sundae day two

Sweet Sundae Shih Tzu Up for Adoption

One look into those eyes and it’s hard not to fall in love. She’s sweet as a caramel sundae with a loving heart, but this girl has a few issues and we need to make sure her forever home is well educated on her needs prior to adoption. She is special needs.

sundae intake

Sundae came to BCFS from an Ohio breeder who left her at a veterinarian’s office with orders to euthanize. Sundae was very sick, but her tail never stopped wagging. She could barely walk as she had no muscle and no coordination from sitting in a cage for years, but  she still kept trying. A few steps, fall, get up… over and over again.

She built herself up. 

When Sundae came into rescue she had a horrible smell. It was the scent of infection and rot. Her ears were black with infection, her paws were thick with pus filled abscesses and she was covered in about twenty little tumours.

We should have called her lumpy.


Through all the illness and pain Sundae’s personality shone through. She was lethargic, but always had a smile waiting and a tail wagging.

She was on antibiotics for a week and then we spayed her and removed 12 of many lumps. One on her chest was black with cancer, but Dr. Rachel was able to remove it entirely.


The abscesses on her paws were lanced and left to drain in hopes of healing. She was going into week two of antibiotics and her vet bills were starting to pile up when we met a lovely lady who was willing to sponsor sweet Sundae.

Thank you Danielle!

Danielle and sundae

Knowing her vet bills were covered was a relief for our small rescue.

It would be weeks before she would be well enough for her second surgery to remove the remaining lumps and perform dental surgery to clean her teeth and remove any rotting ones.

The staff at our vet hospital was pleasantly surprised at how well she was doing. She had her dental and five more tumours removed and was up pawing at the kennel door immediately.


Sundae was being cuddled when we picked her up and we had to pry her out of the arms of the vet tech. Sundae is quite the charmer with her tongue sticking out all the time.

Partially Blind 

Sundae’s other medical issue is that she’s partially blind. It affects her depth perception – she often misses a step or the height of the couch when jumping. She is quite blind at night and gets a little fearful of the dark. Her blindness is from untreated eye ulcers – we believe with a healthy diet and regular grooming she shouldn’t have future eye issues, but we won’t rule it out.

Separation Anxiety

Sundae has a single behaviour issue: separation anxiety. During change her anxiety at being left alone can be severe. She has damaged doors trying to scratch her way through them to get to her people. This will be a lifetime work in progress.


As Sundae is a puppy mill dog with separation anxiety so severe that she’ll harm herself if locked in a crate, we strongly recommend she not be crated.

Sundae is good with other dogs, cats and kids. She’s very sweet and only wants to be with you and have your love all the time.


Sundae would love to sit on the couch with you and go for walks. Another little friend might help her with her separation anxiety, but she’s more of a people dog.

If you’re interested in adopting Sundae please fill out an adoption application off our website.

Adoption Application

Thank you for considering this sweet 4-year-old rescue girl. Sundae will be a wonderful companion for a forever family willing to give this puppy mill girl the happy life she deserves.

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