Sweet, Loving Chihuahua – Here’s Lucky!

A few days ago we shared a photo of our newest rescue pup Lucky on our Facebook page, with the happy news that though we’d expected this little guy to have behavioural issues, he’s a charming lover!

lucky2-4-17rotatedexp“Give me a belly rub, please!”

We’re pleased to introduce you to Lucky, a Chihuahua estimated to be about 7 years old.


Foster mom Leah has been caring for Lucky since his arrival into BCFS’ foster care program and sends this wonderful news:

I just wanted to update you on Lucky. When Amy told me she had been contacted to take in a Chihuahua with behavioral issues I was a little worried. I have had two Chihuahuas in my life and they have definitely been a handful. I expected a dog similar or much worse than the Chihuahuas I have experienced. So I was surprised when the other volunteer showed up with a very cute and extremely skinny Chihuahua mix.

luckyleahrotatedsharpLucky and foster mom Leah

Nathan and I think he looks like an African wild dog in mini version. He is nothing like I thought he would be. This dog is sweet, kind and very loving. I do believe he may be older than seven as our Chihuahua is seven and he looks much older. He looks at you with pure love and wisdom in his eyes.

He has shown no aggression towards our dogs and seems quite fond of them. He follows me everywhere like my shadow and often wants me to pick him up and snuggle. He even followed me in the shower this morning lol!!! He wasn’t even upset that he got wet!!!

He snuggled in our bed last night between us and gave both of us kisses. He even seems to really like Nathan – the first foster we have had that has not been crazy scared of men. He was playing with both of us yesterday. While I worked on the living room last night and painted he snuggled up on the couch and fell asleep.


I went over to see him and he immediately rolled over with a big smirk on his face and let me rub his belly. He loves tummy scratches.

He has had no problem with house training. He hasn’t quite figured out how to use the dog door but I have let him out several times and he goes when I ask him. He has been eating very well and figured out where the water dish is. Overall I am extremely impressed with his awesome personality. Nathan already said that he knows we will have a hard time letting this one go. I will update you more once he’s been here longer! Have a great day!!

Thank you, Leah, super update! Lucky came to BCFS from the North Toronto Animal Services shelter. They determined he needed socialization, as he was unsure with other dogs and had some aggression during veterinary care.

This little fella will benefit from being fostered in a caring home with Leah and Nathan, and the companionship of her dogs. Lucky has had a dental, been brought up to date on vaccinations and is neutered.

lucky chi2-1-17cropped

If you have lots of love and belly rubs to give Lucky, please download and complete an adoption application and email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at

Thank you for considering adopting Lucky. This sweetheart deserves a happy life and home.

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  1. How fantastic! The liking men is a rarity but not the sweetness once they know they’re safe. So happy he has been taken into your loving care.

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