Sundae Update – Christmas with her Forever Family

Sundae’s forever family considers this Sundae’s first REAL Christmas, as the Christmases she’d had before this one weren’t very merry.

sundae paws

From a cage, to rescue and rehabilitation to loving forever home. Sundae is a survivor who has landed in a wonderful forever home.


Sundae was taken to the vet and given a clean bill of health. No more abscesses, no more painful burning paws and no more lumps and bumps. Only open welcoming arms and soft beds to sleep in…

Thank you to Forever Friends Rescue who arranged to transport Sundae from Ohio to Buffalo, to the friends of BCFS who brought her into Canada and into BCFS’s foster program, thank you to her Sponsor who helped pay for her vet care and to her foster family¬†who nursed her back to health.


Finally, thank you to her forever home for giving her the life she deserves. A Christmas Miracle could never be more true.



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