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Squash the bunny ADOPTED!

What a lovely story of Squash’s adoption into a home with two other female bunnies who were having trouble getting along.

The human mom and dad and four kids were excited to add another bunny to their household and it seemed like Squash was pretty sweet on their youngest girl.


We said that Theodore had a sweeter personality for a family with four children, but Squash wouldn’t leave Hope, the youngest girl alone. He hopped around her feet and nibbled on her shoes. Hope was delighted.

So, they took Squash (now Charlie) home to meet his new bunny family.



Here’s the week #1 update! It took Charlie (squash) less than 2 days to bond with our senior bun, Penelope. She was a bit weary at first, but his constant grooming had her bought in to a new bunny in the house.
We weren’t expecting to bond Baby and Charlie so soon. We wanted him and Penelope to have a solid bond first. They had other plans, though. On Saturday morning we woke up to all of the bunnies upset in their beds. We thought Baby was going to hurt herself the way she was bouncing, and Charlie was thumping up a storm. For their immediate safety, we let them all out of their beds so we could evaluate each buns needs.

Baby and Charlie connected immediately. Cautiously we watched, and within minutes they were grooming each other and I saw a calmness in Baby I had no idea was there!

After a few days of carefully combining everyone, and lots of encouragement, both my girls are totally in love with Charlie, are calm around each other, have been able to spend more than 10 hours a day as a Trio, and are so incredibly well groomed. Charlie is a true gentleman and is the star of the house. Thank you again for trusting us with this sweet soul.

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