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Splash Competes in Barrel Racing!!

It was a warm morning as we got Splash ready to go to her second horse show. The first horse show was two years ago and she was shown in a halter class by Sydney.

After years of working with Splash and building a relationship Megan was ready to show us her mad skills in barrel racing.

We were excited as Splash was bathed, clipped and given a full spa day treatment. She sparkled with health and happiness.

She walked onto the trailer with no hesitation and we started our drive to Dry Lakes Saddle Club in Cayuga for some barrel racing!

splash walking

Splash was definitely the most colourful pony at the show with her spots shining and Megan got many compliments on Splash’s beauty.

Splash continues to amaze us by negotiating the crowd of horses and walking around the practise ring like a pro.

Splash is the pony with no eyes.

It was Megan and Splash’s turn to try barrels and their nervous excitement radiated around them as they entered the right and got ready to race!!

splash barrels

The team took on the barrels with careful ease and managed to nail the turns close to the barrel before racing to the next.

splash barrels1

The team negotiated all three barrels and then ran to the finish line to celebrate their first barrel race!

splash barrelsred

All of us at BCFS are gushing with pride!

2 thoughts on “Splash Competes in Barrel Racing!!”

  1. Congratulations Megan and Splash! It looks like you have both found your passion. Keep up the amazing talent! I look forward to your next adventures.

  2. I’m also gushing with pride for Splash and my lovely granddaughter Megan, They both made all of us proud. Love you Megan.

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