Something Special about Northern Dogs

Our contact in the North asked us to take in two Northern dogs and we jumped at the chance. You ask anyone with a Northern dog how special they are and you’d better sit down and buy a coffee because you’re in for a wonderfully long tale.

It turns out one of the dogs is the Mom to Whiskey. Do you remember Whiskey? What an odd mix of a dog and now that we’ve met his mom – we know why. ¬†Below is a picture of Whiskey.


And this is his mom…


And his brother (Monique’s son)….


Families are often very different.

The mom to the two boys is named Monique and she’s a mini version of Whiskey. I thought for sure he was one of a kind, but it turns out he has a mini-me in his mother.

Monique took 24 hours to adjust to a new life and she’s embracing it! She can finally relax and know she’s getting 3 squares a day.

Her son, Boozoo is about a year and a half old and wonderfully delightful. He does have some front leg issues we talked to Aunt Rachel about and she feels that if he’s moving well don’t mess with nature. Boozoo will have early onset arthritis due to his odd looking front legs. It makes him unique, special and a perfect dog to come through BCFS.


Both of these dog came in spayed / neutered and dewormed. We brought them up to date on their vaccinations on November 3, 2016 and they’re ready for adoption!

Boozoo is good with kids and other dogs. We aren’t sure about cats, but we don’t believe he’d be good with cats. The northern dogs tend to have a higher prey drive and he’s never seen a cat before.

Monique is about three years old and very healthy. She’s wonderfully unusual.


If you’re interested in adopting Monique or Boozoo please fill out an adoption application. A fenced yard is a good idea for these dogs.

We’d love to see them adopted together as they tend to bring each other comfort.






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