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Snuffles is a Super Friendly Beagle Catahoula Mix – ADOPTED! Dec 2014

Our last report on Snuffles the adorable blue-eyed Beagle Catahoula mixed breed puppy was posted when we first brought him into the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary dog foster program. Now that his foster dad Bill has come to know him well, we can really share the terrific news – Snuffles is truly one super friendly puppy!  Here’s the latest scoop …
snuffles beagle catahoula adoptable dog
Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Foster volunteer Bill reports:

Snuffles is a gold medal champion at getting along with other dogs, and he has lots of opportunity to practice. We go to a few different dog parks here in Toronto every day and he is a star. He plays well, he greets both dogs and humans wonderfully. He is learning all the body language clues that allow him to behave like a gent.

snuffles adoptable beagle catahoula dog

He loves to run and rough house with the other dogs. He is doing a little humping during some play, but all he needs is to be redirected and/or have the other dog tell him “off” and he responds immediately.


He is pretty much house trained now, though in the beginning we had a couple accidents, which I attribute to timing and new place issues. After all, Snuffles came into a radically different lifestyle set up here –  it takes a little getting used to apartment living and schedules.

beagle jump

Snuffles has never shown any signs of any aggression at all.  He is a high energy in the way every puppy is, he needs lots of stimulation and exercise likely due to his working dog genetic inheritance.

Pull toys and chewies and big marrow bones are his best friends. With that hunter nose and his strong affinity for his people, he loves anything that smells like you so dont leave any socks or underwear laying around!

If he gets bored he will get into stuff, exploring with paws, nose and mouth.  Being savvy to the puppy nature means I’ve moved things that are off limits to Snuffles up high out of his reach until he grows out of that phase.



Speaking of phases, Snuffles is in his intense learning phase as he grows, so he will act out a bit and try to push boundaries. Beagles are people pleasers and Catahoula dogs are very intelligent and loyal as a breed.  So a firm voice and redirection works well in training because he learns very fast.

Good leash walking and solid obedience can be the difference between life and death here in the city, so we’ve focused much work on refining his skills. He is doing way better now (we use a martingale collar) than the wild chaotic ride that was his habit when he first came to me.

He came to me with a crate, and I was told he didn’t like it much so haven’t bothered with it. My hunch is that a slow and patient introduction to the crate would turn that around, and make it the personal safe haven it can be for any dog.

Snuffles_1122_2402_HeartSpeak Snuffles_1122_2407_LR_CR

I am being a through as possible cause i have fallen for this guy and I personally don’t want to see him “returned” once we find his perfect furever home.  You see, Snuffles has been previously placed in homes that were *supposed* to be furever, but these enthusiastic adopters were daunted by his baby dog antics.  True to his hound nature, he is a vocal dog. He bark-howls when he is excited at times like feeding  time and when visitors arrive.  He has done a little when I leave him  but my neighbour has told me that he stops after a few minutes.

He’s a puppy who does puppy things with 110% enthusiasm. I have found him to be the most loving and cuddly and kiss-y sweet heart of a Beagle-mix dog I have ever met (and I meet a lot of dogs in my line of work!).   He wants to be next to his person as much as possible and sleeps every night in bed next to me.

As he matures, that enthusiasm will evolve into even more talent, skill and loyalty of the first order. His ideal furever family would take his amazing breed background into consideration and provide activities in line with his amazing potential for learning and working. He needs a job to be his best, whether that’s a daily mailbox run, finding your missing sock every morning, or becoming a champion fly-ball athlete!


You may recall from our first post that Snuffles originally lived most of his life with an elderly couple who were unable to do any training or teach him basic manners.  He was surrendered to the SPCA then spent time in and out of the shelter since he was 4 months old. When he first came to us, he would jump and even nip in play. Our good friend and dog trainer in training Lauren worked with him while he came down from kennel stress, and provided excellent guidance on continuing his training since.

Watch Snuffles Original Video Here!

He’s a high energy guy who needs someone to run, walk and play.  He would love a home with canine companion to keep him company. Snuffles is neutered, up to date on his shots and heartworm negative. He has no physical health issues.

Snuffles 411

  • Male, Neutered, UTD Vaccines
  • Age: less than 1 year (approximate)
  • Breed: Mixed Breed, likely Beagle Catahoula Leopard Dog cross
  • Color & Coat: Tri-color (black, tan) on flecked white, short haired
  • Weight: Approximately 35 lbs
  • Size: Medium
  • Temperament: Extremely friendly, intelligent, highly trainable, eager to please, athletic, vocal
  • Housebroken: Working on it
  • Good on Leash: Getter better every week
  • Good with other dogs: Champion!
  • Good with Kids: Not yet tested
  • Good with Cats: Not yet tested
  • Good in Car: Yes
  • Crate Trained: Not yet

I would love nothing more than to see Snuffles in his real furever home. If you are up for the adventure, and there is anything else you want to know about this amazing adorable mutt, please dont hesitate to contact me or BCFS.

If you are interested in adopting please fill out an application under the Documents section and email to

Thank you for considering a rescue dog!

Bill Barrs
Director, Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary

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