snow bunny rabbit

Snow Bunny! This Californian Rabbit Loves Winter

Took advantage of the sunny mild day to hang out with my newly bestest bunny friend. Donkey the Californian rabbit certainly does love that sunshine as you would expect from his name, but did you know that he also quite loves being outside in winter?

Snow Bunny Day in the Sun

The best possible lifestyle for any rabbit is to have a certain amount of time outside their crate or exercise pen. Our Donkey gets just that at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, because he gets to spend whole days outside hopping around! As long as the temperatures are agreeable for him, he gets to hang out with his piggie friends Hershel and Truffles, doing the stuff that sanctuary farm animals like to do.

snow bunny day in the sun

What do they like to do, you ask? Well, eat of course! Donkey gets fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, which supplements his regular pellet rabbit diet. Plus he’s got a full pile of hay to munch and crunch anytime.

snow bunny rabbit

snow bunny whiskers
Snow bunny winter whiskers

He explores the yard on a regular basis, and we stock it with apple branches from our tree. Chewing those branches helps to keep his front teeth in good shape.

donkey rabbit snow bunny
Donkey pops into the little igloo when he wants to warm up; its full of warm straw.
snow bunny explores
Keeping busy, checking things out

Since we discovered his extreme passion for dried cranberries, Donkey comes running to us from wherever he is in the yard. No matter how much fun it is to play outside in the snow, there is nothing like a sweet treat to bring a guy into the warm indoors!

Donkey the Snow Bunny is available for adoption from Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary. Read his full profile here on the website, and fill in an adoption application to bring him to your snow yard!



snow bunny on the farm
Enjoying the winter sun

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