Gathering our Resources

Hello supporters!

We’re not done! We just need to take a little breathing room and gather our resources. We’re still nursing broken hearts over the loss of the bunnies and our silly Duck.  We miss them dearly.


In addition to our emotional broken hearts, we are slowing down as our master of maintenance must go for surgery and we’ll be losing his support for several months. Not to fear my friends, he’ll be back and ready to work in 2019! tumblr_mhmekrQNDC1qj6wguo1_500

Full disclosure has always been our motto and we stick to the truth regardless how painful it can be at times. We’ve been judged, both succeeded and failed, yet we continue to trudge forward.


What does a breather, a break or gathering our resources look like?

It means we won’t be accepting any more animals into our foster care program for the next several months. We still have our permanent residents to care for and our barn to maintain. We will carry on status quo.

splash walking

We greatly appreciate your support in the coming months and the years that follow.

ps… start thinking about auction items for our annual Facebook auction starting in October 2018! After all, its hay time and hay is big $$$ and huge part of caring for the horses and goats.

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