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Skipping Stones in the Waves

It’s difficult to skip stones on a windy day. The waves are big and the wind changes the trajectory of the stone.

You can find the perfect stone, but, if the stars don’t align and the throw is off the stone gets buried in a wave.

Then you find a stone you think will never skip, yet alone skip on a stormy day – and it does. The stone that is too misshapen, too jagged and not nearly flat enough, somehow skips eight times on your perfect throw.

Many things must align to get that perfect skip, and it rarely happens, but when it does – magic.

There are all sorts of days in rescue: great tragic days and wonderful miracle days. The ups and downs are more treacherous than an old wooden roller coaster.

Some days you just hang on for the wild journey and other days you force yourself to get out of bed to face tragedy. The worst days are the not-so-patient waiting for news.

Some tragic days are so powerful it makes you want to quit. It makes you want to throw in the towel and surrender. You start thinking about other adventures you could have, like dinners out or going to a movie.

Then the phone rings and you jump back in that roller coaster and hang on, because their life depends on it.


Because… we’re warriors and have innocent lives to protect and save.

tashi body

Because… we’re healers and there’s no shortage for healing.


Because… we’ve got a gift with animals and we want to use our powers for good.

roo tippa close up

Because… they need a voice. Our voice.


Because… they have run out of options and we’re their last chance.

naji and hershel

Because… we love them all.

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