Six Wee Chicks Find Refuge at BCFS

What happens when chicks are hatched as part of a school project and about to be sent to a factory farm, but one animal-loving mom intervenes to save them?

They find sanctuary at BCFS’ brand new Little g Ranch! BCFS volunteer Ashley dropped everything to transport six little lives in late May, in a cardboard box where they were tenderly welcomed into sanctuary.


These chicks were all hatched by a school to educate children, but they were then going to a factory farm to wind up on dinner plates. One of the students’ mothers felt this wasn’t right and she contacted BCFS about accepting the chicks into rescue. We said yes, we would take these six wee ones.

BCFS’ founder Amy put out a call asking for help to pick them up and bring them to Little g Ranch, and Ashley wasted no time carefully transporting them.

Ashley made a sweet short video of her chick transport and you can see how amazing BCFS’ new location is in it, too! Click here to watch the six fuzzy chicks arriving at BCFS!

The chicks are about 8 weeks old now and growing fast, in the safety of our red barn and enjoying some time outside in the sunshine.


IMG_2681croppedresizedTime in the sun


At BCFS, these chicks have the opportunity to grow up and live natural lives.


There’s much more to chickens than many people think; they’re intelligent, affectionate and develop distinct personalities. They love being petted and enjoy attention, life and sunshine. We’re looking forward to seeing these wee ones grow and flourish.


BCFS thanks the conscientious, caring mother who believed these chicks deserved to live and contacted BCFS. The best lesson each of us can teach children is respect for all lives.



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