Signed… Very Disgusted.

A letter from the public: 

Thanks for your prompt response about adopting Upsy Daisy. I am glad that you screen potential adoption parents, but I think I would have a much easier time adopting a child. This explains why so many animals are killed every minute day and night because it costs more to adopt than buy from a registered breeder! Wow. What a shame . Good luck finding homes for these poor animals. You are doing the animals a disservice and think you are by far going overboard on the application! It takes less to become a Canadian citizen than to adopt a dog.

Very disgusted.


carmel shelter

Dear Very Disgusted,  

We are volunteers. 100% Volunteers. 
Nobody gets paid to help these animals.  As a matter of fact it costs. Sometimes it’s the pocketbook, but more often it hits our hearts.
Phone calls, emails, fundraising events, website posts, petfinder, photography and communications eat up our time.
We spend time, effort and money traveling to rescue animals from shelters and individuals, sometimes importing them from the US, taking animals to veterinarians, groomers and our chiropractor. Making home visits to potential adopters to ensure the animals we rescue will go to suitable homes.
We miss dinners and holidays rescuing animals – and we love what we do!  We do it because we love animals and want to give back. To help just a little.  Helping animals comes first.
We pride ourselves on finding the best home for these animals. We have a thoughtful and thorough adoption process because we care about every animal we rescue and care about the families who adopt them.
We strive to match the right animal with the right adopter because we want the animals to be happy and loved, and  their adopters to be equally happy. That reduces the likelihood that the animal will be returned. For animals who were unwanted and surrendered, it’s stressful to endure the upheaval of losing another home. We look for forever families.
If an individual is unwilling to take the time to fill out an application then they aren’t the right match for our rescue. Luckily there are other rescues out there who might be more suited to you. We aren’t offended. Find a flavour of rescue that suits you.
Millions of animals die every day in shelters. We rescue what we can on our budget. Our vets bills for the neglected and abused animals are often thousands of dollars. We ask for a small donation that gets paid forward to the next animal in need, so adopting animals gives an animal a home and a future to the next round of needy animals.
Thank you for your time.

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  1. I adopted a puppy 3 years ago and was totally surprised at the process but it was worth the money, the fees and even the home visit to test my suitability with the dog. I am glad the process is not easy, only committed people should get an animal that has already been abandoned or abused. Keep it up!

  2. I personally cannot thank your organization enough for taking the time Upsy Daisy needs to find the right family. Without the stringent requirements we know you go through for finding the right home, we would, in the shelter world, would not have the level of trust in our partnership that we do!

  3. I am an approved Foster Farm for BCFS. We have done charity tackswap/sales with all money going to BCFS, we’ve volunteered at their open houses, and provide a safe, experienced Foster Home for the larger livestock.

    I am currently fostering a small stallion, soon to be gelded. He is in my care, being trained by me, all at my timr and expense so that he will be a wonderful little horse for someone when his adoption time comes.

    His adoption fee will not even cover his gelding, shots and farrier.
    If not for the screening process, there is always the possibility of the wrong type of home getting him.

    People see a cute little horse, think it would be great for the family/kids, but a horse is still a horse. A young one needs experienced handlers, further training… And feed, bedding, shelter, regular vet and farrier care.

    I highly doubt it is easier to adopt a child or become a Canadian Citizen than it is to adopt from BCFS.
    The screening prevents the animals from ending back up where they came from in the first place.

  4. Go Amy! You saved a pet from a bad home with that one. Too lazy to go through application, probably too lazy to care for a sweet pet anyway…

  5. We went through the adoption process with BCFS and it was not at all difficult. The dog we wanted ended up going to another family and that is okay. We were approved to adopt through Beaver Creek. As someone who loves animals, I completely appreciate that the committee chose the best home for the dog in question. Although I haven’t met Amy or been to the farm, I know that she truly cares for the animals she brings here for adoption. In the end, we did realize that we did want a retired greyhound and we did pursue that avenue. The adoption process was the same. We have our new family member and love him to bits. Although we don’t have a BCFS dog, I still follow the site and tell people what great work the organization does.

  6. Your reply to “Very disgusted” was far kinder than mine would have been. I am in full agreement with Pam in that if you turned this individual down you likely made the right call. When I lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I was a volunteer at an animal rescue organization (Best of Friends Humane Society in Sault Saint Marie). Our Director was very thorough in screening adoptive prospects and her instincts were keen. There was a young man known to me that she would not allow to adopt a dog. He was very upset that he’d been turned down. A few weeks later she showed me a clipping from the local police blotter – he had been arrested for domestic violence.

  7. If you are not careful as to who gets these rescues then this same person or someone as ignorant as this person would say you are not careful enough. These animals have been through so much and because of your love you want to make sure they get a good home. If it is easier to become a Canadian citizen then Canada is in big trouble and the Immigration office should learn from you and Beaver Creek!

  8. I have worked in rescue for years. I am in awe of the commitment and dedication of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, in their quest to give abandoned animals a safe ,
    secure ,HAPPY future.
    Their new charges are assessed, vetted, socialized and LOVED. What they give these frightened , sometimes hopeless souls is priceless. No dollar value can equal the health and peace that are the eventual outcome for these formerly homeless animals.
    You can walk into any “pet” store , filled with puppy mill babies with costly health issues and pay thousands of dollars.

    Thank you Amy , and all your foster families. Thank you for your diligent screening of potential families for your charges.Thank you for your continued dream.

  9. I have just completed the application for Upsy Daisyand it was not difficult at all. I totally agree that you are wonderful people to do this hard caring work of a rescue sanctuary. I commend you all.
    I hope you find that we will be a good match for Upsy Daisey for her furever home.
    Merry Christmas
    Melanie Mudge

  10. It is interesting with disgusted.. I guess they enjoy being negative. If you have enough balls to write the negative comment, maybe you should put your name with it, bet you own CHICKENS.., We need more people around that help animals..so go pick on something else..or someone else, I love animals too..Wish i could help more also…stephanie renshaw, tn.

    1. Thanks Stephanie… we get unhappy letters frequently, but luckily there are many flavours of rescue. If you don’t like BCFS we hope people will still find a rescue animal!

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