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Siamese George Finds Purr-fect Home!

We do good deeds for those in need, whether they be human or paw-ed, colleagues or strangers. Its the spirit of humanity and empathy that moves our volunteers to go the extra mile. That’s all the reasons why our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana managed Siamese George and his purr-fect adoption from start to finish. And what a lovely finish!

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Siamese George Happy Tail

Here’s the word from Siamese George and his new furever mom …

George is doing great! He cuddled up with me Friday as l watched TV. He has been using the litter box  and eating really well  – though he is a bit of a mooch when l’m eating…lol! l had company over last night and he was fine and friendly with them too. l bought him a mouse on a stick and he has fun chasing it. So l can honestly say that l’m NOT having any problems with him at all. Tonight just two days after coming to my home he just started jumping up on my lap. He’s isn’t fond of being picked up yet, which it totally ok, our together time  can be his idea if he wants to come up. He has hardly meowed at all! Last night he slept at the foot of my bed.

He is a wonderful cat and l’m very lucky to have him, thank you again!

– Donna, George’s New Furever Mum

Chemistry Just Happens

When Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary was introduced to George, we were told that he was shy, retiring, and may hide under the bed for three days during the transition into a new home. So we are particularly thrilled to have Donna’s timely report right after adoption!

With many thanks and humble gratitude, we salute our volunteers and adopters that have made another sweet soul’s second chance the best it can possibly be!

happy tail siamese george

Please do join our family of purr-fect furever homes – check out our adoptable animals here at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary!


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