siamese george polydactyl cat foster

Siamese Cat George the Polydactyl – Adopted

George is a Siamese cat who is also a polydactyl, he has more than five toes on each paw! George has just come into the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary foster cat program. We are currently looking for a foster home or of course a furever home for this talented feline.

George is a 9 years old, charmingly crossed eyed, lilac point Siamese cat. He has thumbs that come in handy when he tries to pick up things without claws! George needs to be in a home without other cats and without small children.

siamese cat polydactyl George

If you feel you could help George get a second chance at a loving home by fostering or adopting, please do contact Adoptions Coordinator Silvana by emailĀ and / or complete an adoption or foster home application, downloadable from our Documents Page here!



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