Seven Off

Every month I get seven days off in a row. This month we decided we’d stay in our trailer that we’d set up at the beach the previous week. We had power and water. We had a TV, DVD player, a queen size bed a fridge and good size living space. Our travel trailer is thirty-two feet long with two side-outs. It’s comfortable. You can tell by the lack of writing that we don’t have internet at the trailer and even if we did I’d be too busy sitting on the beach holding my best friend’s hand to type.

We spent our lazy mornings drinking coffee and going up to the main house to steal breakfast. We’d then talk about working on Brent’s barn, but usually ended up on the beach enjoying the sunshine. We managed to cut some wood for the wedding picnic tables and put in one door and one window before we succumbed to the allure of the beach and wine. Our good friends Jill and Chuck came by and helped us cut lumber for an hour before convincing us that the beach was a much better idea. It’s so hard to motivate yourself to work when you live in summer paradise.

We had dinner plans every night, but Tuesday when we met old friends at the drive-in. We packed an oversized couch-chair into the bed of the pick-up truck and made our way to Thorold. Just before the drive-in we took a motorcycle ride to Port Colborne to order our wedding bands. Woohoo! It’s becoming so real.

Getting back some of the wedding invitations and ordering the bands makes us realize how much we still have left to do, but we focused on not panicking by enjoying another day in the surf at the beach.  I’m finally relaxing and enjoying the biking, kayaking and simply walking in the sand.

Wednesday in the rain drives us to the farm to check on the animals, pool and pond. The dogs are delighted to be back home with a fenced yard and the freedom to daytime nap in their own beds. Taz was quickly back to work on Bunny Patrol, but Gizmo was ecstatic to be reunited with his crock pot.

Wednesday night we had dinner at the beach with my dad, Brent’s parents and friends visiting from Wiscosin. I’m so proud to sent an invitation to Packer-Land. Jerry and Ute are wonderful people from the Green Bay area and are avid Green Bay Packer Fans. I love them. They were kind enough to bring me a Packers ball cap just because I wrote “Go Packers” on their invite. I love surprises.

I’m looking forward to the comfort of my king bed tonight. Once you put the big man and three puppies in a queen there really isn’t much room left for the girl. We’re still trying to figure out if we can fit a king in the trailer.

It’s been a relaxing week, but it’s time to get some things done!

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