September Star — Bentley Update

Bentley is our star of September for the BCFS 2015 Calendar and we thought everyone would enjoy an update on this well loved and silly character.

This guy got into my heart and into the hearts of many of our volunteers, especially our young volunteer Megan, so I hope she sees this update. Her Bentley is very happy!


We emailed his forever family for an update and we’re tickled at their response:

Two for One Rescue Special

Bentley is Bentley lol. He’s the same old love able, clumsy dufous who just loves toooooo much for his size (95lbs of him now!!) Haha! He’s been a miracle in our family to help save Oak. We’ve have numerous trainers in to help us with Benny and they’ve all said; without Bentley coming into our lives, Oak would have had to been put down due to his extreme separation anxiety.  Now, we have ZERO issues.

b one year later close up

Plus, our two dogs just LOVE each other- more than I’ve ever seen two dogs together before. They cuddle when they sleep like two cats. It’s unbelievable to see!

b one year later

We lucked out HUGE. But that’s not to say we haven’t had our fair share of issues with Bentley (which we knew we would be getting into), but with help, and a work in progress we’ve gotten better. He now only walks with a gentle leader, still with issues, but a lot better.

b one year later sideways

He’s adapted to our family flawlessly; even with our small nephew who’s now two- he LOVES him and is surprisingly gentle around him- who would have thought that!!

We are so very lucky to have him- and I know he was very blessed to have a place like bcfs….without you, I don’t think Bentley or Oak would be leading the lives they are today. From the bottom of our and our furry friends (even the cat who weirdly enough loves to cuddle with Bentley infront of the fire!) we thank you & all the folks involved. You will all ALWAYS hold a special spot in our hearts.

Thank you doesn’t seem quite enough.

b one year later grass

 If anyone follows Instagram- I post about the dogs all the time:  sara_catherine_s

Thank you for the wonderful update! My phone has been blowing up with questions about the lovable Bentley since all our loyal supporters turned the page of their calendars to September. 

If you’ve adopted a dog from BCFS and have a story to tell please pass it along — complete with pictures! 

Many thanks and much love from all of us at BCFS!  



3 thoughts on “September Star — Bentley Update”

  1. Happy three year anniversary our BiggieB!! Three years ago today we picked you up and you changed our lives forever. You fit into our family seamlessly, it was like you were always supposed to be with us. You saved us. You saved your fur brother (from another mother), Oak. His extreme severe separation anxiety stumped vets, trainers and behavohralists. Then along came Bentley, from the second you two met we knew you were meant to be apart of our family. Now, three years later, 47lbs heavier and now with a new brother (human this time), I couldn’t be more thankful. There are no words I can find to explain the deepest gratitude I have for the sanctuary. What you do changes lives of humans and animals alike; the ripple affect goes on and on. So I hope you feel how thankful Bentley is for you saving him, giving him a chance at love, a family and a furever home. I hope you can feel the tears of gratitude falling down my cheeks as I write this. So thank you thank you THANK YOU. Cheers to you and the whole team! Love, Mark, Sara, Beckett, Oak & Bentley Sudeyko

    1. I could never ask for a better update that this!!! Thank you so much for sharing and rising our spirits when they are low. We are so incredibly happy for your family and for Bentley. Megan I hope you read this!!! Big hugs to all and welcome Beckett to the family.

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