Senior Rottie – Here’s Sabre… – Adopted

Foster mom’s desk… 

She has scars and a  bit of a limp. You can tell by her cloudy red eyes that she’s seen things a sweet dog has no rights to see.

I can smell the infection and rot leaking out of her ears from across the room. Her eyes are weeping and her hair is dull and thin. She looks lost.


People make decisions that affect more than just themselves. People make decisions that affect their pets and those closest to them.

Sabre has been hit and she’s been beaten by more than just people. Her people let other dogs beat up Sabre, so it’s not surprising that when against the wall Sabre will use her teeth, but her heart is never in the lackluster attack. She’s misunderstood.

My heart melts and my eyes fill with tears as I listen to her snore. She’s finally able to get a bit of sleep. She’s finally able to close her eyes and not worry about her next meal or a safe place to call home.

Sabre3Welcome to Sabre’s life. It’s similar to the children who find themselves in a world where drugs rule and the innocent suffer.

She shows fear aggression when faced with new situations. The unknown is very difficult for Sabre, because the unknown has rarely been a good experience. She shows no food or toy aggression, but has shown dog and cat aggression. She needs a dog savvy home.

She snapped at Gus who turned the other cheek and gave her a tail wag. How does he know she needs his kindness? How does Gus sense she’s in pain?

She seems surprised to find her bowls full of food and fresh water. She’s just as surprised when my hand strokes her gently.

She’s surprised me by gently carrying around a small plush toy in her mouth that she sets in my lap as a prize. She’s so proud of that stuffed toy and has not even attempted to tear it up.

She’s fine by herself without separation anxiety. She’s completely house trained. She’s horrible on a leash, but will follow me around the yard like a shadow.


Meet Sabre – a one of a kind eleven year old Rottweiler in BCFS’ Foster Care Program.

Dogs who are abused can learn to trust and love again regardless of age…  and we’re going to prove it.


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