Scout 4 month old female mix jack russell adopted!

Scout is a still a baby at 4 months and yet is heading into her fifth home already. She’s a high energy baby who comes with a lot of love!


She has been passed on from home to home because of her energy level, which is very very high. She’s a wonderfully happy and curious pup, who tends to get into …. everything. lol.

She’s cute and has puppy breath. All she wants is your love and attention… and that squeaky toy, sneaker, blanket, kibble, food bowl, leash, garbage, plants, ball… 


Thank you to Jacklynne Russell Photography for the amazing pictures!

From Scout’s Foster Mom: 

Scout is very friendly and playful. She is a happy little girl full of love. She loves to play tug of war, or hide your slippers. Her tail never stops wagging and she’s constantly puts a smile on our faces. 


She gets along well with our pups and is always game for an adventure. She’s good in the car and her house training is coming along nicely. 

no beer was consumed
no beer was consumed

She’s great with kids and people of all ages. I will her as a foster pup, but I’m happy to see her go onto the next chapter in her furever home! 

Congratulations to Scout and her new family!


Happy Family!!!!

scout with family

One thought on “Scout 4 month old female mix jack russell adopted!”

  1. Talk about adorable!!!!! Good Luck Scout! On your new forever home. Just give lots of kisses when you do something bad!! Humans forget everything when we get kisses from such an adorable pup like you! Looks like you got the home that was meant for you! BCFS is on your side! That means everything!

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