Scarlett: Blind 2 year old Shih Tzu ready for Adoption! – ADOPTED

Scarlett was trying to find a new home in NJ and it just wasn’t happening, since she went blind she started pooping in her crate when left alone. This sweet girl is about 8 pounds and very tiny for a shih tzu. She’s a gloriously happy little dust mop!


Scarlett lost one eye in December 2017 when it prolapsed and needed to be removed surgically. Sadly, in February 2018 she went blind in her other eye – unknown reason. Foster mom believes she has some vision in the one eye.

This sweet girl is cuddler and a lover. It took a village to get her from NJ to BCFS, but we managed. Special thanks to Janice & Marcia, Jill & Mechille, Mandy, Jeannine and Nadia. Without people volunteering to help transport would have been impossible.

Mandy did the first leg picking up in NJ and meeting Janice & Marcia in Long Island where Scarlett was driven to Albany! So many thanks!

Scarlett would be picked up by Jill and Mechille and kept over night. She spent her night cuddling and watching Netflix. In the morning her journey continued, driven by Jeannine, who brought her to Rochester where Nadia drove the final leg to Scarlett’s new foster home. Over 450 miles all done by volunteers who drove and paid for gas to get this sweet girl into the care of BCFS.


From Scarlett’s foster mom:

She is piddling all the time outside, pooping outside if gone for long walk and no snow (doesn’t like snow) getting the hang of grass slowly, has separation anxiety when left alone so poops in kennel, extremely cuddly and affectionate And can eat everything. Loves to be with you all the time…has some vision but can’t do stairs or jump off furniture. She is a cutie Pattie.

She has excellent hearing and rarely barks!


Do you have lots of time to cuddle sweet Scarlett? This little one would do well in a house with another little dog. Due to her size children and big dogs would be unsafe. Open your heart and your home to this wee discarded dog.

4 thoughts on “Scarlett: Blind 2 year old Shih Tzu ready for Adoption! – ADOPTED”

  1. Best of luck to Scarlett! She is soooooooo adorable and just wants someone to love forever! BCFS will help you Scarlett find that home with all the love and care that you deserve! Keep us
    Informed of your progress! And I am sure that we will soon hear that you are in your new home!!!! Lots of love!

  2. Scarlett came to visit with her foster mom a few days ago. It was all I could do to let her leave. She is absolutely precious! Whoever is lucky enough to provide a forever home for this little girl will be blessed.

  3. Hello, can you please let me know how she is in the car? Does she like car rides? Does she settle down easily in the car?

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