Saying Goodbyes

We say goodbye to an animal being adopted.          Tears of Joy.


We say goodbye to animals who have died.   Tears of Sorrow.

283841_10150699591380316_6932176_nIts been a few days since we have said goodbye to Nelly and my heart still aches at her empty stall. A few tears fall onto the dusty ground and I walk on…

168293_10152789822605316_1101165871_nI’ve said goodbye to so many animals over the years and I’m not sure how many more my strong heart can manage. Today is a sad day for me.


I know tomorrow will be a better day. I know tomorrow brings the much needed time to help these feeling pass, but today? Today I grieve.

gus face

For all those grieving a loss take some time to grieve, but don’t let it bury you. Give it time. Sweet time to help ease the ache.

Autumn and me

Today is rainy and bleak and matches my mood. I’m going to wallow in today and let tomorrow bring what it will…

To all my loves… I miss you. xoxo Mom. 


One thought on “Saying Goodbyes”

  1. Without you BCFS many more lives would have been lost! Just remember that you gave them a chance at the Life that should have been from the start! They came to know that all humans are not abusive and unkind but loving and caring with lots of love to give them! Take time and you will be able to enjoy the memories that they brought to your heart!
    Be strong for them ! They need you!

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