Saying Goodbye, Blue

My eyes burn from tears and my body feels heavy. I’m tired. Its been a tough day and the emotional stress has taken its toll.

We said goodbye to a permanent resident today. We euthanized a dog with love and tears. He was orphaned suddenly and unexpectedly and we took him in knowing he was in advanced renal failure. We knew his time would be short and our hearts were heavy with grief.


But, we roll on. We continue to care when our hearts are bleeding and broken. We talk about taking in more animals on a day we say goodbye to one. A day where we question our choices as we hiccup and sniff back tears.

The vet gave him a sedation to make him comfortable and then started an IV. Dr Marissa said: let me know when you’re ready and we’ll give Blue a lethal dose of anesthetic.

Blue goodbye

The tears landed on Brent’s arm as I bent over to kiss Blue’s head. I told him he was very loved and that we’d miss him, but his mama was waiting. I nodded at Dr. Marissa and she slowly pushed the plunger on the syringe.

The dog took a deep breath, more of a sigh, as we whispered sweet words of affection. Surrounded by love he took his last breath and rode my tears to his next adventure. I asked him to let me know when he was safe and the moment he took his last breath my cell phone chirped signaling a text message. We laughed uncomfortably.

blue black and white

It was a long while later when I looked at my phone to find a message from my mother-in-law wishing Blue a safe journey into Karen’s arms.

My cell phone chirp is a barking dog.

It was a clear message that Blue was safe and with his mama. We raise a glass to a classy lady and her heart dog reunited forever.


4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye, Blue”

  1. Amy, You were so wonderful to take care of him after Karen died.
    that little old pup was so sweet and gentle. He was at Canine Camp from the very beginning. Karen would dress him up in all different outfits and he never complained. His memory will always be with us as we look at our photos over the years.
    Be well and know you did everything that you could.
    God bless, Margy & Mike

  2. I’m bawling …. what a sweet, heartbreaking journey for loved baby… you all do amazing things
    Thank you for that!
    Hugs and prayers ❤️

  3. You got me crying , again, today. Just when it seems I can’t miss Karen any more. And the thought of never seeing Blue, again, either. Amy, you’ve done ‘good’ girl. You do all the hard work for so many of us. Hug yourself, hug Brent, and take some hugs from me. But, don’t forget to give some of those hugs to Cookie. She has lost so much as well. Thank you for sending Blue to Karen in the best of possible ways.

  4. A deeply moving story. Your heart and your life’s mission continue to touch many lives. You and Brent have a very deep and loving connection, paving the path with love from universe to universe. Travel well Blue

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