Sawyer – Misunderstood Lover now Ready for Forever Home

Sawyer came to BCFS from Credit Valley Humane Society. He’d been adopted out three times and returned three times for guarding behaviour. Aggression with both food and toys.


We put Sawyer in bootcamp for a week to see what would happen and we saw a rise in his anxiety and his insecurity.

We thought he was a king, but it turns out he’s a jester. The first time Sawyer showed aggression towards me he peed himself. He was afraid. Often people are rough when dealing with big dogs, because they’re big, but really he’s a shih tzu trapped in the body of an 80 pound akbash  mix.

My tactic immediately changed and I softened my voice and crouched down to his level and I spoke softly,

Oh Sawyer, are you just afraid? You aren’t really mean, you just are so insecure you go to the only thing you know to defend yourself. Sawyer my boy… you’re actually a lover – not a fighter.

This realization was instrumental in his rehabilitation and so was Tucker a ten month old fox hound mix who came to be his best friend. The pair healed the anxiety that lived within both of them.


The best rehab often comes from another animal. Tucker has since been adopted and Sawyer remains anxiety-free and happy.

Sawyer is a lover. He’s a big 80 pound lover who thinks he’s a lap dog. He’ll slobber you with kisses and roll on his back for tummy scratches.

Sawyer does need to get to know you and when he has any doubt he can make a lot of noise, but if you’re calm and quiet and give him confidence he’ll be the best loving boy ever.


Sawyer is strikingly handsome, a little goofy and would love to have another big dog as a friend. We are hesitant to put Sawyer in a home with young children as he’ll find them unpredictable.

Sawyer needs a family he can build a trusting relationship with and once that bond is built you will never have any issue with this lover.


Sawyer has lots of energy and would make a good running dog, hiking dog, camping dog and any other activity you can think of that lets him play and release energy.


Sawyer deserves to sleep in a warm bed at night and be loved by a dog savvy family. Could that possibly be you?


If you’re interested please fill out an adoption application on our website and/or email for more information.

He’s a very amazing boy for the right home.



3 thoughts on “Sawyer – Misunderstood Lover now Ready for Forever Home”

  1. December 9, 2016,

    Hello my husband and I would like to know more about sawyer. is he still aggressive with his food? He looks like a lovable dog. We would like to hear back about him. My husband and I have a 9 yr old female lab mix who could use a buddy. So maybe we could come out to see him. Thank you

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