Sawyer 18 month old Akbash/hound/ lab mix

The first time I walked Sawyer in public I had just gotten him out of the car to cross the street on my way to the vet.

A woman in a car stopped in the middle of the intersection and asked what kind of dog Sawyer was and I gave a list of possibilities.

She said “He’s stunning.”


Its true. Sawyer is stunning. His pictures don’t do this blonde babe justice. He’s amazing to look at, but with these good looks comes a dog chock full of attitude.

He will look at you while you are calling him and walk in the opposite direction. He will completely disregard any dog in his way and bowl them over.


He works hard. Plays harder and sleeps deeply.

With Sawyer its on or off. He’s either running around like a mad man or snoozing the day away.


Once we get a chunk of his energy out, he’s a very smart boy. He walks amazing on a halti and knows sit. He’s food motivated and easy to train – as long as that training is what Sawyer wants to do at the time.

This boy has his own mind and will challenge his people. If he doesn’t want to do something he wont’ – not because he’s afraid, or shy, he’s just stubborn. He’s part mule.


Sawyer loves to be outside and his forever home would be a place with lots of safe, fenced area to roam. He can pick up a scent and follow it until he grows bored.

Sawyer would lover another large dog companion. He plays rough, so the other dog would have to be a tough one as well. Sawyer has helped Tucker (hound cross) with his separation anxiety to the point of curing.


If Tucker started to whine and bark, Sawyer jumped on him and encouraged him to play. If Sawyer got anxious Tucker would jump on him and distract. Its a dog lover’s dream.

We’d love to see this pair go together as they’ve helped each other so much; and we’d love to see them go to a farm with lots of love and room to run.


Sawyer is not a city dog. He wouldn’t do well in an apartment and he won’t do well with cats. He likes the quiet country life.

Think you have what it takes to manage Sawyer? Fill out an adoption application! Dog Savvy home is a must.


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