Sabre, an old Rottie, but not forgotten

Sabre really loves people.

Kids included. She’s the regular old rottie that we’ve seen before… the one who loves a good bum scratch and does the lean against your legs.


She sits on the floor and lets the kids hug and pet her with love shining in her eyes. Sabre has had a rough life, but has landed at BCFS where we’ve taken care of most her physical problem.


Her ear infections are much improved and we’ve removed six mammary gland tumours. She’s been spayed and brought up to date on her vaccinations. Her flea infestation is gone and her coat shines with life.

You’d never guess she’s 11 years old…. this is Sabre on intake:


Today, Sabre’s eyes and ears no longer weep. She’s put on a great deal of weight and her head is no longer sunken. She’s muscled and radiates health.

Sabre will need ongoing treatment for her chronic right ear infection and needs to be in a home without any other pets. She’s  dog aggressive, but we’ve made great progress and she’s friends with Gus, Taz, Jackson and Zig. She’s better with little dogs than big ones.


She’d love a home of her very own. Will you consider this lovely senior?


Sensitive, thoughtful and loving…


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