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Roxy – From the Far North

Roxy is from the far north where polar bears roam and life is tough for a dog. Subzero temperatures and starvation are the leading causes of death for these northern dogs.

We have a rescue friends who frequents the far north in search of work and will contact us in regards to saving a dog. There are so many loose and wild dogs in the north that vets from Southern Ontario have started sending spay and neuter clinics to help control the stray dog population.

Our rescue friend waits for a select few that seek her out for help. Sometimes its a pup, or a mom with pups or a lone male that finds her waiting with dishes of food and tons of love.

Such as Frost! 

frost dirty face

Frost’s Story 

There is always one or two special dogs that find their way into her heart and into BCFS. Or in the case of Mama, Buddy and Boston a family of three dogs that came looking for help in the fall of 2014.

You can read Buddy’s fascinating story of survival and triumph where he saves himself as well as Mama and her pup Boston.

Buddy’s Story 

Mama and Buddy 


Mama’s Story 

These dogs come into rescue in poor physical condition and require some vetting before they are ready for adoption. They always have amazing personalities and are grateful for any food, a soft clean warm place to sleep and fresh water.



Boston’s Story 

The love they get from their forever homes is an unbelievable bonus for these dogs. They’ve never known such comfort and peace. They’ve never known love.


Roxy comes to us by way of our Northern rescue friend who flies the dogs south to BCFS for vet care and adoption.

I’m not sure if they missed their connecting flight on purpose, but both human and dog certainly enjoyed the soft comfort of a hotel bed while they waited for their next leg homes.


Once we get Roxy’s medical issues worked out, bring her up to date on her shots, deworm, test for heartworm and have her spayed she will be looking for her forever home.


There is a chance that Roxy may be pregnant… We have suggested having Roxy spayed immediately, but her rescuer has asked that we allow Roxy to have her babies. She has seen too much sadness and wants these puppies to have a chance at a real life.

BCFS believes all animals deserve a chance. 


We have agreed as long as it is safe for Roxy.

The average litter size for a northern dog is 9-14 puppies. Many of the puppies will have different fathers as Roxy was exposed to a multitude of males when she went into heat.

This will never happen to Roxy again, but continues to happen because of a lack of spay and neutering.

Please spay and neuter your pet.


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