Roxy from the Far North Adopted!

We love happy endings at BCFS. Roxy is now a two-time graduate of BCFS’ foster care program with her second adoption! When her first adoptive mom’s living situation changed, Roxy came back to BCFS this month.


We had a feeling it wouldn’t be long before Roxy was adopted again because she’s a beautiful, healthy and super-friendly Siberian husky mix who loves everyone. Sure enough, Roxy was only in BCFS’ foster care for about a week when the perfect family fell in love with her.

roxyadoptedIMG_0442cropsharpresizedRoxy and family happily pose for adoption photos

Roxy’s new family had always had dogs, including a previous rescue, and missed having a dog for their children to grow up with. Their two young sons will now have a playmate to love, and Roxy has an active family for daily trips to the park.  Roxy is good with children, adults, dogs and cats and is a terrific match for her new family.


Roxy’s happy ending is especially sweet considering the harsh start she had in life. Roxy was a stray born in the far north of Ontario, where dogs often starve or freeze to death. Luckily BCFS has a rescue friend who travels to the far north and works with us to rescue needy dogs, and flies them south to BCFS for vet care and adoption.

roxysleepingRoxy and our rescue friend bunked into a hotel en route to BCFS

Roxy first arrived last year with health problems including a uterine infection that was cured with an emergency spay that saved her life. She was initially suspected to be pregnant and it’s fortunate she wasn’t, because Northern dogs typically have litters of 9-14 puppies. A lack of spay and neutering in the far north is a serious problem, and some vets in Southern Ontario are now sending teams north for spay/neuter clinics to help control the overpopulation of loose, wild dogs.

Please, always spay and neuter your companion animals!

After her emergency spay, we got Roxy healthy in our foster care program and her then-foster mom fell in love with her. Who wouldn’t adore this sweet, loving girl? But alas, she wasn’t able to keep her forever as thought and Roxy has now charmed her new family.

Roxy is one of the lucky few Northern dogs who found a new life and loving family here in Southern Ontario. Thank you to Roxy’s new family for opening their hearts and home to this sweet girl.  Happy trails, Roxy, from all of us at BCFS!


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