Roxanne (Now Annie) Has Been Adopted

Roxanne, a 2-year-old Terrier Mix, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program in July 2017.  Roxanne came to BCFS an incredibly reclusive and fearful dog with a mysterious past.


While we don’t know too much about what happened in Roxanne’s early life, we do know that she eventually ended up at the Erie County Humane Society. The shelter environment proved incredibly stressful for Roxanne. Even after working with their behavioural department, Roxanne remained terrified. It was therefore decided that a foster home would be the best environment for Roxanne and she was transferred to BCFS.


With the love and patience of her foster mom, Roxanne slowly began to open up and show her true personality. Roxanne loves to go for walks and has developed quite a fan club in the neighbourhood, with everyone asking how she’s doing when her and her foster mama are in the elevator or outside.


The bond that formed between Roxanne and her foster mom, Lynne, was so strong that ‘foster home’ quickly turned ‘forever home’. Roxanne has become Lynne’s little shadow and is never too far away. At night time, Roxanne insists on sleeping right next to Lynne (even the foot of the bed is too far away!).


Congratulations to Roxanne (now Annie) and Lynne on finding the perfect match!

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