Roscoe, 5 years old with Endless Border Collie Energy – Adopted

One word to describe Roscoe: heart. He’s got a big heart and loves his people.

Roscoe would be considered a project dog, meaning he’s going to be a lot of work. He’s not one of those easy dogs that lounges around the house and asks for belly rubs.


Roscoe is busy.

He hardly stands still for a moment, but he’s one incredible boy. Roscoe has been professionally trained by Scott Conway and is obedient and excellent on leash. A real “rally O” dog given more training.


Roscoe can do it all!

Agility, fly ball, barn hunt… this dog can do anything and he likes to be busy. He loves hiking, camping, swimming and is incredibly brave.

Roscoe is a ball of energy and will stick by you off leash wherever you go. He’s a hang around the property kind of dog who simply wants to be with you.

He’s very excitable in the car and isn’t the best passenger. He would benefit from another similar sized dog to play with, but this isn’t necessary. His ideal home would be where he had a job.


Farm life would be a great thing for Roscoe. He’d follow the farmer around all day long and never lag. I’m sure he’d pick up on herding and he gets along with all our farm animals.

Roscoe’s recall is amazing and I was even able to call him off a rabbit that had run out on the trail. He’s very devoted to his people.

Because of the nature of the border collar to nip we recommend a family without children with lots of space to run.


Roscoe does have his down time and sleeps well through the night. He is crate trained, house broken and has impeccable leash skills.

If you take time with Roscoe and show him how to be the dog you want him to be, then you won’t be disappointed. Roscoe requires a great deal of exercise, so if you’re a couch potato he’s not the dog for you.

Roscoe requires a fenced yard, no kids and adults who are very active. He’s incredibly high energy. We want to find the right home for Roscoe and know that there is a perfect home out there for him somewhere. Don’t be shy! Come see this handsome fellow and decide for yourself.


One white front paw and one brown front paw!



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