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Roo Tippa: A Calico Kitten

Our friends at the Niagara Falls Humane Society contacted BCFS regarding a little kitten who’s back legs didn’t seems to be working very well.

Roo Tippa’s First Day at BCFS Video

roo tippa body

The wee female calico was assessed by a vet and determined to have an unknown neuromuscular skeletal issue. They weren’t sure if she would be able to walk normally or if she would have control of her bladder and bowel.

I said we’d pick her up Friday.

roo and brent

The little kitten was cuddly and had a wonderful appetite, however her wobbly walk earned her the name Tippa – because she would tip over at every turn.

The Roo part came a day later when she started bouncing like a baby kangaroo! A strong push from her back legs would send her flying forward, usually into one of the dogs.

Taz was immediate on Mama patrol, while Jackson was unconvinced to share his bed, Tashi permitted a bit of cuddling.

roo and tashi

We found a litter box with a low side and Roo Tippa was able to climb in where we discovered she does have control of her bladder and bowels and used the litter box every time!

By day three we could see improvement. Roo Tippa was able to stand on her own and could walk a straight line. Cornering still proved to be trouble, but she kept trying! What an amazing little trooper.

We had a group of visitors who were interested in adopting a bunny for their vet clinic, and they brought friends. Two vets and an animal physiotherapist! What luck!

After an assessment and a lot of cuddling it was determined that the kitten had been malnourished and was unable to develop the muscles needed to walk. Good food and lots of exercise would get this kitten on the road to recovery!

And Jackson agreed she was so cute he’d have to cuddle.

roo and jax

Roo Tippa headed to her foster home today (September 5, 2016) to continue her vet care, exercises and cuddling. Thank you to the crew from Niagara Canine Conditioning Centre for having a peek at our little kitten!

Roo Tippa first day at foster home

We look forward to updates from her foster home! Roo Tippa is up for adoption. Please fill out and submit our adoption application if you’re interested in having this feisty kitten become part of your home.


Roo Tippa Day Five in BCFS Foster Care Program

Foster Mom says Roo Tippa is a cuddling fool who follows her around more dog than cat. She’s happy to tell her two adult step-cats to back off when they bother her too much.  She’s walking well and enjoying the carpeting!

Foster Mom Tonia Says:

She’s definitely improving in her walking. She slides around on the laminate floors, but it makes her work her muscles more to help her get stronger. Her right side is worse than the left it seems.

img_2835She sleeps near my head at night Eating well and using the litter box. She is super cuddly!


Roo Tippa day 7 – walking like a champ! 


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  1. Hi Amy,
    I am seriously looking to Adopt a cat who is ok with dogs, Taffi and Lacey were brought up with cats and Taffi especially cries when she sees a cat, My Sister Janet who has Solo has a cat who Taffi just loves to wash and they keep telling me to get her her own cat. I would like to fill out an adoption form but I will be away from October 7-23 and she will probably need to be in a home by then, let me know your thoughts. Ann Marcante-Marsh
    I can be reached at 905-646-1219 or on my cell at 905-325-9159

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