romantic and available chihuahua dog

Romantic and Available, What a Catch! – Adopted

Chichi the Chihuahua is looking for love in all the right places. He is a registered AKC, adoptable 10 year old Chihuahua, who loves one on one attention and gentle massages. Although Valentine’s Day may be past, this lover boy is only a little embarrassed to say that he is quite the romantic, and likes nothing better than to cuddle up beside a roaring fire with a friend, four-legged or two.

romantic and available

Romantic and Available, What a Catch!

Chichi is looking for a quiet home for his retirement years. He will thrive alongside another gentle and confident canine; he doesn’t mind being a sidekick to another canine companion. Or he would be just as happy to have a person all to himself.  One on one quality time building a relationship will allow him to conitnue to build confidence to explore the big wide world that was denied him as a young pup.

romantic and available chichi chihuahua

Speaking of age, don’t let his fool you! He is a spunky boy with a playful soul. An average Chihuahua’s life span is 14-18 years so he has many years yet to make lifelong memories with his future family. 

romantic chihuahua chichiIf you are ready to meet your new best friend and are interested in adopting this little man, please contact Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary – adoption applications right here!

With thanks to our sponsors CaniSource – Chichi is thriving with the support of a nutritious, well balanced diet that includes CaniSource food!

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