Riding Horses

Riding horses is like nothing else. It lets you get close to nature. It lets you quietly see things that you’re normally going too fast to enjoy. You smell scents that normally don’t make it past your car window. You hear the small animals building their nests in the forest.

It’s a delight to be that close to things that are so common, but hardly ever heard.

For years I was lucky enough to board my horse at a stable that was located along the shorthills. The shorthills are off Effingham Rd in Pelham. The shorthills have their very own magic.

Today I rode with my niece Erin. It was so special to share our love of horses. I really enjoyed the ride around the big hay field as we talked about horses, riding and deer.

It’s always nice to ride with another person and extra special to ride with the next generation. It’s a sign that I’m aging, but it isn’t one that I mind. Thanks Erin, today was really cool. Want to do it again on Boxing Day??

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