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Rescued Shih Tzu, Muffin is Saved from Abuse and Neglect – ADOPTED! Dec 2014

Please welcome Muffin to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary. Muffin is a Shih Tzu who came to our dog foster program through a local shelter. Muffin had been  neglected, abused and finally abandoned. She is now safe with the Sanctuary, and we’ve start the process of finding her a secure furever home.

abused rescued shih tzu muffin

This is Muffin at intake. She was unable to walk because her legs were so matted together.  She’d been defecating and urinating into her own fur for months. She had to be anesthetized in order for shelter staff to completely shave her down. She weighed 19 pounds at intake and 15 pounds after the grooming session – she had four pounds of hair, filth and feces removed.

rescued shih tzu muffin

At this time, we know from shelter reports and our first 24 hours with her that she requires surgery for cherry eye. She has some fear aggression, specifically when being leashed and picked up. We’ll be working to help her overcome these challenges as part of her rehabilitation. 

muffin rescued shih tzu abuse

Muffin is full of joy now that she has been freed from neglect. We very much look forward to building her confidence and faith. Thanks to the generous donation of food from Canisource, we’ll be able to feed her a terrific diet that will help speed the process.

rescued shih tzu gets a good meal

If you too are interested in sponsoring Muffin’s recovery and re-homing, know that donations are greatly appreciated. Please visit our Donation Page – every contribution counts towards helping balance the scales in favour of the animals saved from animal cruelty.

UPDATE: October 30, 2014

Muffin just underwent her surgery to correct cherry eye, and believe it or not she’s going to be even more super cute when its all healed up! Thanks for all your fundraising support to help puppies like Muffin get furever home.

muffin cherry eye surgery

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  1. I just seen her ad and fell right in love!
    Is Muffin available for adoption?
    I am looking for a dog like her!
    Could you email me back and let me know
    Thank you!

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