Nube mexican rescued dog

Rescued Mexican Chihuahua Coming to Canada, Here’s Nube ADOPTED! April 2015

The roller coaster ride of animal rescue continues to throw us another loop. We have gotten word from Mexico that sweet Morita has come down with kennel cough and will not be coming to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary. But we have not given up on saving the animals to whom we have committed our help. Rescued Mexican Chihuahua Nube will come in her stead!

Rescued Mexican Chihuahua

We do wish Morita a speedy recovery. Its such a disappointment for BCFS as well as she and her rescuer Jane to have to forfeit her trip to Canada.

Morita Mexican Rescued Dog

Minnie will still be making the trip from Cancun airport to Hamilton airport on April 18, but with a new friend instead.

Minnie Rescued Mexican Dog

We will be welcoming Nube, an authentic Mexican Chihuahua to the BCFS foster dog family.


This little white chihuahua gal who was no longer wanted by her family. Nube is looking for her loving forever family in Canada! She’ll be ready for adoption Monday night after both she and Minnie make a trip to the vet for a check.

Nube Mexican rescued dog Nube Mexican rescued dog in canada Nube Mexican rescued dog playing Nube Mexican rescued dog exploring

Jane from Evolucion in Mexico reports on her background here:

Her Spanish Name Means “Cloud”

“Nube” means “cloud” in Spanish.  Nube is a little white Chihuahua about 2 years old. She was no longer wanted by her family. Her family had the sense to bring her to the shelter instead of leaving her to her own devices on the streets. That happens far too often down here in Mexico.  


Many thanks to Jane and the Evolution team for saving these wonderful dogs – we are eager to meet them in person!


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