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Red Adopted! Maltipoo gets third chance at a good life!

After an unsuccessful first adoption Red was returned to BCFS. We didn’t quite understand the reason and after a few days with Red his foster family couldn’t find a single thing wrong. He’s a healthy, active puppy.

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Often times its simply not a good match between dog and family.

Red is a busy puppy who needs stimulation and where is there more stimulation than in a home with four children and another big white dog named Shaggy?

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Normally, we don’t adopt out small dogs to families with children under five year old, but this was a special family who wanted a special dog.

We did our due diligence processing the adoption application knowing in our heart that this was where Red belonged.

The home visit went very well and the children were very respectful. The remarkable thing is that Red was very respectful and playful with the children, including the three month old baby.

kate, piper, Red Some dogs are just born to be in a big family.

BCFS is very proud to announce that Rob and Kate have another bouncing bundle of joy to add to their family, who has plenty of love to give.

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Together Rob and Kate have faced some incredible odds and all of us at BCFS feel that taking on a six month old active puppy will simply be one more challenge that brings love into their lives.



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