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Meet Red, Adoptable Maltipoo Puppy at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary ADOPTED! May 2015

Red is an adoptable Maltipoo puppy now in Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary’s dog  foster program. He is about four months old, and at this age weighs about 6-7 pounds. Red proudly boasts a three quarter Maltese and one quarter Poodle heritage. He’s considered a non-shedding mix, an advantage for some furever families.  This debonair little puppy is now adoptable and looking for the perfect furever home!

Adoptable Maltipoo Puppy, Here’s Red

adoptable maltipoo puppy here's red

Maltipoo refers to a mixed breed Maltese and Poodle dog. Red came into rescue by way of an owner surrender along with a number of other Maltese Maltipoo puppies of approximately the same age. He has had the companionship of other young dogs all of his short life. He is now in foster care with two pugs, a shih-poo and a big teddy bear Rottweiler, and having the time of his life with it!

He has not however, had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with human companions. He is looking for a family that has time to introduce him to the perks of people – including toys, walks in the park and time to sniff and explore. He’s so young that his socialization is coming along by leaps and bounds.

cute adoptable maltipoo puppy bcfs

 Smart and Non-Shedding

The bit of poodle in his heritage means he has smarts. His new family will be richly rewarded when they spend quality time with Red to bring him out of his initial shyness.  One look at his fancy red bowtie and you can see this gentleman’s true potential!

A puppy often involves more time and dedication to training than an adult dog.  We will be prioritizing those applications that have the opportunity to provide reasonable training for Red, including housetraining, introduction to the leash, socialization to people and other dogs, and the like.

Red is now available for meet and greets, and is up to date with vaccines, has received standard deworming, and is microchipped.

BCFS is now accepting Adoption Applications, which can be downloaded from the website here. Please forward the Adoption Application to our Adoptions Coordinator.

BCFS Stretches Arms Wide to Take in Maltipoo Puppy


Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary currently has a number of Maltese Maltipoo puppies who will be introduced and available for adoption in the following days – please feel free to contact us or send in an Adoption Application and we’ll match you with the perfect furry furever companion.

You won’t just be adding a furry family member, you’ll be saving two lives – this little puppy Maltipoo, and the next dog to take his place in BCFS’s dog foster program!


4 thoughts on “Meet Red, Adoptable Maltipoo Puppy at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary ADOPTED! May 2015”

  1. Im interested in the matlipoo puppy you have to adpot.. My 14 yr old daughter has been sick for few months and now being home schooled rest of yr. I think a new pet would help lift her spirits and recover better. She has lots of time and love to shower on a puppy … Lmk where you ar located and how the process works with your organization I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Hello Terry MacInnis,

      And thank you for your note about Pink! The first step in the Adoption process is completing an Adoption Application and sending it through to our team. You can find the form here on the website – – and send through to – as soon as you can. We will be assessing all applications and get back to the potential adopters as soon as we can :)

      Many thanks for considering rescue :)

    1. Hi Donna! Sorry it takes more than a day for us to process an application. Red has been snatched up and is living in a lovely home, but keep watch for our next rescue looking for a home! Thank you for thinking of a rescue dog!

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