Raymond aka Walter Update

Do you remember “old man Walter”? Blind and mostly deaf with a sway back and love of nipping? Arthritic with horrible eyes. We did our best with the eye drops, but nothing worked.


Walter is now called Raymond by his forever home and they called to let me know that Raymond would be having both of his eyes removed. Bilateral Enucleation – just like Splash our blind pony.


He hates the drops, the eyes are painful and they don’t serve their purpose – vision. Raymond has no vision, so after much discussion, consultation with a canine ophthalmologist the decision was made.

No more drops, no more man handling… just sweet relief


Walter had his eyes out January 26, 2017, he did well for the surgery and is in recovery mode.

We’re waiting for a further update from his family.

BCFS hopes for a speedy recovery.

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