Puppy Night In

You can learn so much hanging with the dogs. You can learn to sigh deeply when you find that comfortable spot on the couch. You can learn to play with all your heart and wag your whole body when you’re happy. You can learn to correct your friends with kindness remembering not to bite when only a growl will do. You can learn to pee outside, greet your friends with enthusiasm, let the wind blow in your hair and don’t be afraid to cuddle on the couch. You learn it’s best to stretch before getting up, let people touch you, eat with gusto and bond with your pack.

Brent in relaxation puppy class

My good friend Tanya sent me an email last Saturday asking if I was planning on having a puppy night in. An idea had never sounded so appealing. Tanya smartly brought an overnight bag as we dug enthusiastically into the red wine and nachos that Brent was kind enough to make.

We talked about life, work, family and our favorite topic: the dogs. As we told stories about our four legged friends it was nice to caress the head of the dog we were telling the story about.

I think she's got the idea of "relaxing"

It’s surprising how quiet it can be with eight dogs comfortably ensconced with three adults in a century farm house. We never turned on the TV or played any games. We sat and talked. We cuddled puppies, played with puppies, went for periodic walks outside and drank some excellent red wine.

I like to stretch out. The dog behind me is pretty big, but managed to squeeze in behind me.

It was a great way to spend a Saturday night. If you ever want to come to the farm ask if I’m having a “puppy night in” and I’ll happily change my plans to hang with you and the canines.


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