Puppy Mill Mama Verena Waits for Her Forever Home in Foster Care-Adopted

Imagine spending the first 8 years of your life in a puppy mill cage, not being a dog in your own right, only a breeder who is repeatedly impregnated to create litter after litter of puppies.

No loving hands, no walks or warm bed, no soft voices praising you, no socialization, no haircuts or baths, no life. Your puppies aren’t your own, but commodities to be sold for profit.

That’s the heartbreaking life 8-year-old yorkie poo puppy mill mama Verena knew, until she was rescued and joined BCFS’ Foster Care Program.
verenda                           Verena’s arrival at BCFS in January

Verena was shockingly unkempt and matted as many puppy mill dogs are, on her intake December 31st.


This shy girl was groomed and bathed, had a fresh dental and teeth cleaning, was brought up to date on her shots, and spayed.

Under all that matted hair emerged a petite girl with big ears and sweet brown eyes that held a look of vulnerability but also hope.

verena2 (1)“Is this for real? Or am I dreaming?” Verena seems to say

It’s for real. Verena was safely out of the puppy mill and in foster care.


Verena’s foster mom sends us a touching update on her progress:

We have made some progress with her. She will eat treats from my hand now and has started to share beds with Sally.



There has been very little barking. The house training is improving but as we all know readjustment for well socialized dogs takes weeks where puppy mill dogs can take months.


I think Verena needs her forever home to be filled with patient adult people whose hearts are filled with compassion for this little lady who endured 8 long years in puppy mill prison. She needs a furry friend for company and to help show how to become a wonderful lady. Most of all she needs unconditional love. Hope we find somebody soon so her new life can begin. 

Does that describe you? Are you patient, compassionate and willing to give Verena unconditional love? After all she’s suffered, this sweet pea deserves her second chance in life, to be loved, happy and simply a dog like she was meant to be.

Verena is only 8 lbs., too fragile for a home with small children. If Verena captures your heart, please fill out an adoption application for her and email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at

Thank you for reading Verena’s story and considering making her a member of your family.

Please always adopt, don’t shop. Verena and countless more dogs like her are the mamas and papas suffering in puppy mill cages to produce pet store puppies. Buying a dog from a store or online continues the cycle of cruelty.


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