Puppy Adoption Stories part Two

The intake and adoption of eight puppies from the far north of Ontario has been a whirlwind adventure of kindness and love.

“Kindness is love wearing work boots”

We’ve taken care of and watched the personalities emerge from each puppy. We’ve seen a glimpse of who they will be and how they’ll handle the challenges of life.


One of the sweet calm ones in the pack, Scarlett loves to play. She is very petite and little, so that had her at the bottom of the pile frequently. She learned to be sly and she learned when to walk away. She’s a bright, loving and cuddly star of the group.




Scarlett now Michiko “Michi” is settling in great!  She is a cuddly, sweet girl who loves to play with all of us especially our two boys.  She is starting to understand walking on her leash and loves to play in her backyard!  She is the perfect addition to our family!




Oh what can we say about sweet Red?!?! She’s a doll, a lover, not a mean bone in her body. She’d rather nap on the couch than play most of the time. She was relaxed, watchful and rarely complains. Red would enjoy a quiet home with lots of cuddles and relaxing time, so it was rather fortuitous that her new mama has a peaceful home.



Red was an angel celebrating the holidays and has brought nothing but smiles to his new mama’s face. She’s a cuddle bug who is picking on house training quickly.

We predict a long and loving relationship!



We named him aptly as Brute has lived up to his name. He’s the biggest puppy of the group and plays just as hard. He’s a bit rough and tumble and could use a young person to play with. Luckily we found the perfect young man to take Brute into his home and call him a good boy.



Brute is the biggest and busiest pup in the litter and is doing his best to keep his new dad on his toes. He’s into everything and loves his family – good thing he’s cute!



One of the sweetest, busiest little blonde girls in the group of eight Goldie needed to go to a busy home with lots of activity to keep her entertained. She was always getting into something, pushing limits and absolutely loving life.



Things are going great here, Amy! Nate and Goldie getting along well, lots of playing. Nate is so incredibly tolerant!


Goldie bites his lip or his ear and he just stands there tail wagging. He hasn’t shown any aggression whatsoever.


Goldie goes for her vaccinations and deworming this aft. She’s doing pretty well with housetraining too. Been taking her out every hour or so, she’s learning! It’s a lot of work but it will pay off in the end!


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