Puppy Adoption Stories Part One

The intake and adoption of eight puppies from the far north of Ontario has been a whirlwind adventure of kindness and love.

“Kindness is love wearing work boots”

We’ve taken care of and watched the personalities emerge from each puppy. We’ve seen a glimpse of who they will be and how they’ll handle the challenges of life.

Lets start with Jeffery (I can’t have favourites, but if I could…) 

Laid back, relaxed, peaceful. Jeffery is an old soul. He’d rather lap sit than play with his siblings. He’d rather watch than participate. He’s ready to fit into any home.



Jeffery shows his ability to be a couch potato watching TV with his new dad on his first night in his forever home!




Aqua is one of the larger puppies with a strong desire to play and be a clown. He was looking for a family who would dote on him and give him the attention ONLY, an only child gets… and he found his loving forever home.



Brad and I just wanted to let you know that Aqua is now safely home, happily exploring and playing with his puppy toys. After howling a few times in the car, (the cutest howl I have ever heard), Aqua settled right down and fell fast asleep. Once again, we are both over the moon and want to extend our deepest heartfelt gratitude for everything you did for Aqua and his siblings, and for the wonderful work you do at BCFS.



Lemon was one of our special boys who would need a special home. He is mildly visually impaired and very thoughtful. He tends to take this long moment to take everything in when he’s in a new place. Like he’s meditating on his life. We were so incredibly lucky to find the family below who would take special care of Lemon.



I just want to thank you for choosing the right puppy for us.  While I loved the coloring and personality of Brute, I am so glad we deferred to your judgment and brought home Lemon ( though he will have a new name shortly). His laid back non aggressive personality is exactly what fit with our pets. We “shut” him in with us and our senior cat, age unknown, and because he could have cared less about the cat, Taz was not threatened and was fine. We are hopeful they will bond eventually though Taz usually lives under the bed out of his fear of everything ” out there!”


I am thrilled that Maizy has accepted him – to the point she let him on her bed yesterday- which is huge as she is very possessive of her things. This morning, the three of us went on a “walk” at 5:30 am – Maizy and I walked the 1/2 hour, and the puppy walked a few times, but preferred to be carried most of the way.   She just sniffed him and later wanted to play but was not sure how to do that yet as he is so small.   He has been great – only got up at 12:30 and then 5:30, still working on the house training – he is great if he is in his crate and has to go, but not so good when he is just walking around.  He will see the vet again tomorrow – we took him Saturday to have a quick look at his skin scabs, and put him on Benadryl and an oatmeal bath. He loves to be brushed and positively wiggles as he stands there.  He has already met the neighbors and will meet our trainer today.


While friends of course told me I was nuts to take on a puppy with all that goes on in my life… my mom has dementia and I am there for a few hours 6 days a week, having this little bundle is what I needed to have a positive event going on… my mom had huskies while I was growing up and she loves to just let him sit in her lap and pet him.  His personality brings a smile to  all of us.  Vision wise we have not noticed anything really.  He has done stairs to go outside with no issues, The vet visit was he may have limited peripheral vision, but nothing seems to slow him down.


Update Two on Lemon:

I can not tell you how thrilled we are all. It has been 7 days since we brought Lemon home and it has been tremendous! I will tell you he has a new name – Kelsey wanted Ferdinand as every time he went outside he would just sit and look all around without moving for awhile. I wanted something that meant Joy as that is what he has brought to me and how he greets every thing. I realized that one of the reasons I wanted a puppy was for the happiness to offset watching my mom decline with dementia – this puts such a balance on my life to have such a happy little guy! We were so worried about whether Maizy would be jealous, whether she would accept him etc . He is a gem and has won over every member of the household – even the scardy cat Taz isn’t bothered by him as there was no interest or aggression. Thus since there was no easy word for Joy, we chose Takota – which means “friend to everyone” and that he is. Tonight was perfection! Maizy is playing or as she is a bit awkward, trying to play with him, She chases him – he barks and chases her, they have been going at the chase and run for the better part of an hour. The gentleness which was previously unseen has blossomed and she is very gentle when she plays with him – though sometimes her paw gets a bit heavy handed! She waits for him when we go on our walk and he is so cute trying to walk at her tail. The 80 pound polar bear with the 10 pound munchkin! He is eating well and his itching is much better. We have him on an antibiotic and a special dried supplement for his coat. Though he still has accidents, we take him out at 10ish and he sleeps till about 6. He took her bed – though tonight she grabbed the end of it and dumped him off! He has 2 crates – upstairs with a small bed for sleeping and downstairs to eat in and escape when he wants to. He shows no sign really of any vision issues. Even tonight when we walked he was better than the first few nights. He may still have distance problems but has no issue with stairs which was a concern. Thank you again for taking a chance on us – he was 100% the right choice!

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