Public Showers

I’d like to talk briefly about public showers. Staying at a campground comes with many wonderful benefits, but hooking up to full sewer is something we’re not willing to spend $12 extra dollars a night on. We’ll use the public showers… plus our hot water tank is not big enough to support a ten minute shower. I can barely wash my hair, but it’s a fair trade off to have a shower rather than no shower at all.
Public showers: often dirty, frequently busy and with many drawbacks, but much like country music I love them.
I love them for their unlimited hot water. I love them for their high water pressure that does not change when several toilets are flushed at once. I was covered in suds in the public shower and heard two toilets flush and couldn’t help but do a little dance to celebrate the public shower as neither the pressure or water temperature changed.
Having said that I managed to drop my fresh underwear in the water pooled on the floor. I worry about foot fungus and the many people who have been naked where I’m currently standing.
Still… I don’t have to clean this shower. I can take a full twenty minutes with unchanging water pressure and temperature. As a farm girl raised on limited water, even more limited water pressure and super limited water temperature I can tell you the joy I feel at using a shower where even if I wash my hair AND shave my legs I can still luxuriate in minutes more of hot water and pressure.
I guess it’s perspective. I don’t have unlimited water at home to play, so these public showers are a little like a gift with the exception of strangers pooping in the stall next to you and my short walk back in the rain, but hey… nothing is perfect.

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