Pretty Potcake Girl – Here’s Zuma! – Adopted

Meet Zuma! BCFS has recently welcomed this beautiful Potcake girl into our foster care program and she’s doing well. Zuma is a 5-year-old honey colored lab mix with lots of love to give.

Zuma and her brother were rescued from the Bahamas where they were born. Wasn’t Zuma an adorable puppy?


Zumapuppy2cropsharpPuppy Zuma peered out from her carrying case

Zuma is all grown up now, and foster mom Pat says Zuma is quiet and calm and easily attaches to one person. She’s friendly, gets along well with cats but is not so fond of other dogs, so Zuma would do best in a home without other dogs.


Zuma is well-behaved, walks nicely and understands “sit” and “wait”, is housebroken and crate-trained so she should be an easy girl to welcome into your family right from the start.

ZumaIMG_0425croppedresizedZuma’s comfy in her crate

And, she’s good in the car, too! Maybe Zuma would be your perfect companion for leisurely walks and pleasant Sunday drives?

Zuma is tolerant of children over 5 years old. A home with lots of one-on-one attention for this sweet girl would suit her, and she’d become your shadow, quickly bonding and following you everywhere.  The devotion of dogs.

ZumaIMG_0429expsharpresizedcropZuma would love to have a forever family

She’s a nice size, about 35 lbs., up to date on her vaccinations and available for adoption.

Do you wonder what a Potcake dog breed is? Potcakes are a mixed breed that originated in the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands. Their name comes from the “cakey” rice and pea mixture that locals traditionally have fed them from the bottom of a cooking pot. They can vary in appearance but often have cute cocked ears like Zuma has. The breed is known for their intelligence, loyalty and loving nature.

Zuma will make a wonderful companion for the lucky family who adopts her.  If you’d like to meet Zuma, please download and complete an adoption application and then send it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at: scronier@rogers.com.

Thank you!

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  1. A potcake! Funny to see one show up @ your place! We have a home in Georgetown, Exuma. Our oldest potcake just pasted this past January!nshe was 17. Curious to how she came your way.

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