potbellied pig moving day

Potbellied Pig Moving Day at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary

Yes, you read that correctly! Its pig moving day here at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary! How exciting!

We spent today cleaning, putting on a new roof and creating a safe, warm and loving environments for all of our potbellied pigs.


We currently have four potbellied pigs as residents at BCFS. The pigs live in pairs, because many pigs do not get along with each other. Generally speaking, they tend to be very territorial and aggressive towards other pigs. In our case, it turns out the girls get along with the girls and the neutered boys get along with the neutered boys.

That’s not really fair – let’s be honest and point out the real b!tch in this situation is Ginger. She’s absolutely horrid towards the boys whereas Charlotte would love the male companionship. So, for now the girls bunk with the girls and boys bunk together.

Charlotte adult pig

The “Ladies” Ginger and Charlotte have recently moved to a new area at BCFS. They are currently residing in the Blue House in the east field. This is a two acre paddock with a fully insulated blue house (with a new roof – thanks Brent!). The big pigs have plenty  of room to roam and root, using their snouts to dig into the ground seeking treasures aka food.

gingerand charlotte

Previously Ginger and Charlotte lived in a lovely little condo in the red barn that they shared with six ducks as room mates. Condo-mates includes a saucy old goat name Nelly who lived immediately south of the pig condo along with  a large draft cross horse named Autumn – who was known to be a bit of a gossip.


Just south east of the pig condo a large feisty thoroughbred named Turtle (not an actual turtle, he’s actually a horse) would cause frequent  noise complaints as he antagonized his eastern horse condo mate Splash into loud neighing at all hours. Splash is the unwed middle aged lady below with no eyes.

january volunteer meetup
Splash says HI close up and personal

Roaming the condo neighbourhood are two sketchy felines Mushroom and Athos – known to invite their raccoon friends over for dinner on occasion.


Athos above and Mushroom below


The Pig Ladies are enjoying their new digs. Digging deep into the fresh straw of the well insulated blue house and enjoying the local cuisine of fresh watermelon and bananas (thanks to sponsors Christine and Richard).

pot-bellied pig

The boyz  Hershel and Truffles have moved into the recently vacated condo of the Ladies and have yet to settle in. They have recently enjoyed accommodations within the farm house and are finding their new digs somewhat lacking.

Hershel as a wee baby potbellied pig

They miss cuddling on the couch and watching episodes of the Big Bang Theory while their mom enjoys a glass or two of merlot. Their recent expulsion from the house came after the boyz destroyed the kitchen one afternoon… they left upturned chairs, dog beds and partially devoured shoes in their wake.

In truth, I know it wasn’t my sweet Hershel, but I can’t banish Truffles to the barn alone. Boyz must stick together.


I am hoping with the arrival of spring they will enjoy their new accommodations that comes with a private entrance to a 3/4 acre paddock overlooking Beaver Creek.

baby potbellied pig Truffles outside rooting
Truffles is available for adoption!

Change is often scary, but most often that not… better.

Truffles is a teen potbellied pig Truffles

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