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Popcorn is All Smiles in His New Home

It’s a good feeling to open our email and find a note from a BCFS adopter letting us know that the animal they’ve adopted from us is happy, and is bringing them joy too!

On January 24th we shared the happy story of Popcorn’s adoption to new parents Penny and Dean. This sweet bichon cross spent months in BCFS’ foster care program after being neglected in a hallway for a year. With lots of love and care Popcorn became a cheerful little guy ready to forget his past and embrace his future.


Penny sends this quick note to let us know Popcorn is settling in well in his new home:

We are extremely happy with Popcorn, he is bringing much happiness and joy to Dean and I. Barbara has brought him along to where it is very easy for us, we walk him at least 3 miles a day, he is wonderful and we feel/hope he is enjoying us. Thanks again ….

popcornupdatefeb3expclarityPopcorn is one happy pup, with mama Penny!

Smiles all around! Thanks to Penny for updating us and to her and Dean for choosing to adopt this lovely little guy. No dog should ever be neglected and we’re thrilled for Popcorn to have a happy new life and second chance.


Making great matches between adopters and the animals we rescue is crucial to us, to adoptive families and to the dogs like Popcorn we rescue! Thanks to our dedicated fosters like Barb, dogs with emotional wounds have time to heal and be socialized.

Popcorn is a young boy at only four years old, so he has a lot of years ahead of him to spend with Penny and Dean, and in just weeks he’s already settled in happily!

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